Project Management

Nowadays, with the expansion of project scope and increasing complexity, project management is not possible according to traditional methods and results in wasted resources and costs. In this regard, international standards have provided solutions for integrated project management by dividing the project into five phases: planning, planning, implementation, control and completion.

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Invest in iran

Increasing the demand for large and complex projects in various fields of industrial, construction, tourism, oil and gas, etc. in developing countries, there is a pressing need for large investments in these countries. Governments also seek to attract investors and accelerate the development of the country's industries by providing ideal conditions. Iran has a special place among foreign investors due to its huge oil and gas resources and privileged the extraordinary tourism potential. Many companies and private organizations in Iran want to partner with foreign investors to build and develop their projects, which, given the growing industry conditions in the country, will certainly end in a great benefit to the both parties.

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