Sustainable development

Sustainable development means developing the current generation by preserving resources for the development of the next generation. Today, with the increasing number of construction projects and their adverse environmental impacts, it is important to consider the goals and principles of sustainable development in project management. The most important of these negative effects are drying up of lakes, extinction of biodiversity, climate change, ozone depletion, global warming, air pollution, and so on. According to a 2017 World Energy Organization report, buildings account for about 41 percent of energy consumption, 73 percent of electricity consumption, and 39 percent of CO2 emissions. According to the above, Fararar Sustainable Engineering Group aims to improve the environmental performance of construction projects in our beloved country of Iran as well as move towards global standards of quality of life, providing sustainable development services for construction project management in the following frameworks: Give.
- Building Energy Modeling (BEM) (aimed at optimizing energy consumption, reducing fossil fuel consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions during construction and operation of the project, optimizing the building for airflow, light and environmental comfort indicators)

- Advice on using renewable energy in the project

- Consulting services for Sustainable Project Management (SPM) (Maintaining Vegetation Without Reducing Performance and Interference for Teamwork, Waste Management, etc.)

CO2 emissions



Energy consumption