Mission, Vision and Values



Our mission is to transform the way construction projects are being managed. By providing financial supports and rendering high quality consulting services.

It is our duty to arm ourselves with the most up-to-date knowledge and methods in our field of work by constantly reviewing the latest developments and research in the .field of construction management

The knowledge and experience of our team members is provided in the form of engineering consulting services to improve the efficiency and performance of construction projects through the implementation of modern management systems.

This improvement and upgrading of performance will preserve the resources and interests of every project that is at the forefront of our beloved people and will result in a bright future to all.


The vision of Faryar Eng. Group is to develop its services to become the largest provider of innovative management and financing services in construction industry projects in the region.

By implementing a unique organizational system in this group, we have provided a platform that enables elite professionals anywhere to work and thrive in their technical field.

We hope someday to reach a position where we can provide every specialist with the opportunity to work in our field of expertise.


We believe in the position of humans as a Creature of God and are bound by human and moral principles at all stages of our work and interaction with souls.

Trust and Honesty
Honesty in providing services and prices as well as respecting the principle of loyalty to all customer and employee information.

Commitment to the law
We adhere to the laws of all countries, communities and organizations we work with.

Continuous Learning and innovation
We commit ourselves to applying state-of-the-art knowledge and the latest international experience in our specialized fields of work.

Along with youthfulness and the support of the elite, we are committed to meritocracy and will always employ the most qualified to do the job.

Commitment to sustainable development in all its acpects has always been and will be our main concern.